Sunday, May 9, 2010

PH135 Photographic Design Journal Entry Week One

Here is what I posted for the week one journal entry in PH135 Photographic Design.

I think that this class is just what I need right now. I need to be able to come up with creative ideas quickly and easily; to convey my ideas through my photos whether it be directly or indirectly through symbolism; and to view photographic problems like I do my programming problems, thoroughly and analytically, so that they can competently be solved. I am confident that my composition skills will improve in the process.

I am a little concerned about having this class in conjunction with ART1030 Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art. At this point, both classes seem like they will take an enormous amount of time to complete the weekly assignments. Only time will tell if it will truly be an issue.

I have never been able limit myself to the number of shots required for an assignment. I always intend to stick to the number of exposures needed. I am not snap happy like I was when I first received my camera. I pick and choose my shots, grabbing extras if the lighting is tricky, but I get caught up in the moment. Some of my best shots happen when I quit trying to do the assignment and just shoot.

Looking back on this week's shoot, I probably should have considered all of the elements of design. Line; shape and form; balance; proportion and size; as well as rhythm, repetition and pattern all seem to come naturally to me now but texture and color are two areas that I often neglect.

The only unexpected event was finding two condom wrappers and one condom just off the nature trail in the park I chose to visit. I could have just kept on walking but the scene triggered something in my brain. The phrase "man's encroachment on nature" came to mind and I was taking shots before I even knew it. Then I remembered this area a few hundred meters off the trail with a fenced in area overgrown with trees, bushes and other plant life. I made sure to stop there on my way out of the park and snapped a few different compositions that suggest "nature's encroachment on man". When I got home, I created a diptych of the two best images.

Encroachment Diptych

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