Saturday, January 16, 2010

Classes Resumed

Classes resumed this past Monday and I am trying to keep up with work, school and home life. This session I am taking MTH100 Elementary Algebra and PH123 Principles of Digital Photography. I should not have any problems with algebra but the photography class is going to be a big time sink.

Here are some shots from my first photographic assignment: Landscape or Cityscape.

Contact sheet 1

Contact sheet 2

Contact sheet 3

Contact sheet 4

Best of the set

You can view the entire set of photos in the PH123 Principles of Digital Photography set.


  1. I too am enrolled in this school and this class is the next one after Algebra. How did you fare in this class, is there any advice you can give about it?

  2. I got an A on this class. I had a leg up since I have had a digital SLR for about a year and half prior to taking the class.

    Based on what I saw from everyone else in the class, my first piece of advice to anyone taking it is a simple one: read the manual for your new camera until you understand how to operate it. Second, set aside plenty of time to do the shoots and create the output files as the instructor expects.

    I did not learn much but it was chance to work on my composition skills and I really appreciated the feedback from the instructor and other students.