Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 5 Assignment 3: Final Project – Color Studies

My "Week 5" posts are dedicated to my mother. She is a student of the arts who has inspired me to reach for my dreams while striving to do the will of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

From our thumbnails, we had to pick one design and produce at least four color studies using different color harmonies. I chose to use the bottom left thumbnail, "The Inspired Word of God", for my color studies. I then decided upon studies using monochromatic, complementary, split-complementary and analogous color harmonies.

Monochromatic is probably the hardest harmony to work with for a design such as this one because it just screams out for multiple colors. In the end, I went with a nice orange hue.

Week 5 Assignment 2: Final Project - Color Studies - Monochromatic

In the complementary study, I wanted a color duo that would work well for the light as well as the surrounding areas. I decided upon yellow and blue which I think works out well.

Week 5 Assignment 2: Final Project - Color Studies - Complementary

The split-complementary harmony was a little easier because I already knew that I wanted a nice shade of red for the fiery aura around the dove shape, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. I had already seen how well the blue and yellow combination worked in the complementary study so I went with red, yellow and a different hue of blue.

Week 5 Assignment 2: Final Project - Color Studies - Split-complementary

When I got to the analogous harmony, I knew that I wanted to work with warm colors: reds, oranges, and yellows. I put the colors in place and it looked nice.

Week 5 Assignment 2: Final Project - Color Studies - Analogous

Then I got to looking at it a little more. I felt that I could do better, so I went to work again using the same palette but altered the shades a bit.

Week 5 Assignment 2: Final Project - Color Studies - Analogous 2


  1. On my computer, I see green (different shades) in the Bibles in the second and third images. Is that what I'm supposed to see?

  2. It does look a bit green due to being surrounded by blue but it is actually a tone of yellow. In the second it is a brownish-yellow and in the third it is more yellow than brown.