Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Final Project: "Troubled"

Yesterday, I did some yard work to get ready for Week 6 Assignment 1: Final Project. I trimmed the rose bush, cleaned (and moved due to ants) the bench. I set up a chair to sit in and took some test photos to judge the composition. I pulled out my hot lights and set them up as well. I was all set to draw but I was just too tired.

Today, I left work about three hours early so that I would not be up until 3 am. I set everything up again when I got home and started drawing. I took some shots of the work in progress prior to dinner and posted them to Flickr as well as emailing them to the professor.

Final Project in Progress

After dinner I had to pull the lights out again so that I could continue working. I asked Mary to put on some jeans and and t-shirt (scrubs just would not look right for this project). When she came outside, I positioned her on the bench as well as adjusted her leg and arm placement. I quickly started sketching her outline.

After a few minutes, she was on the verge of crying. She had ants crawling up her legs but she stayed still. I told her to sit up but not move her legs. I went over and brushed all the ants away and got back to work. Within a few minutes, I had done enough that she could go back inside.

I put the finishing touches on the drawing around 10:00. I packed up all of my gear and went inside. I quickly posted the image and started working on my artist's statement for the second assignment of the week. Melody was quick to point out that I had forgotten to put the shadows from Mary's legs into my drawing so I went back to work and posted the corrected image soon after.

Final Project: "Troubled"

It has been a fun class and I will miss it (just not the long hours).

Here is my artist's statement as posted for Week 6 Assignment 2.

I really wanted to draw something that would show depression or a sense of distress. I wanted it dark; both tonally and emotionally. In my initial sketch, I had included a bottle of whiskey. When I started drawing on the final project I decided against including the alcohol because I think that it would have sent the wrong message.

I started with the trees and the fence and slowly worked my way forward. I continued to add layer after layer until it was complete. I think that I did a decent job of capturing the proper perspective, textures and shading. I feel that the composition is interesting and the layout suits the subject matter. The picture has a well-established foreground, middle ground and background and there are two well-established light sources if you look carefully.

I misunderstood the directions for the week 5 assignments so I thought that I would have to choose new subject matter. I sought out places and things to draw. It was truly challenging but I think that by forcing myself to draw over and over again last week, that I am a better artist for having done so.

I think that I have met my desired goals for this piece. I believe that you can see the subject suffering. It is dark but not to the extreme. I could have improved this work by utilizing a smaller shading stub to blend the finer details.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic drawing! I think that you certainly made your point. It is dark and moody.

  2. @Paul: Thank you! Apparently the professor liked it as well, I scored a 69/70 on the drawing and 30/30 on my artist's statement written about it. :D