Saturday, August 15, 2009

Final Project Sketch

This shows the general idea of what I wanted to show in my final project. I did not have a model so I cheated and drew from memory. I really do not know how I came to even come up with this idea other than trying to fuse portrait and environment genres into one composition. It turns out that I misread the assignment. It needs to be two drawings of two different genres and since I still do not have a model, I will not be using this idea.

This one is a quick sketch of the wall in a local coffee shop, Primo Coffee and Tea here in Arlington. I skipped drawing the paintings and two of the chairs to speed it up a bit.

Week 5 Assignment 3 Final Project Sketch 3

I was not able to leave again once I got home from the coffee shop so the trip to the park for some environment drawings was postponed. If you cannot tell, I really did not know what to draw for the final sketch. I had tried some porcelain statuettes, camera equipment, etc but I just could not get anything drawn well. So I just grabbed something simple that we have in abundance around the living room: frogs.

Week 5 Assignment 3 Final Project Sketch 4

I finally made it to River Legacy Park but the Living Science Center was closed. I had to park pretty far away but at least it was not too hot. I sat in the grass outside the fence and drew for probably an hour and a half before I finally had had enough of the ants.

Living Science Center

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