Thursday, July 2, 2009

(Updated) G.I. Bill

I filled out my VA Form 22-1990 online on April 30th. Within a week I had received my "we have received your application" letter in the mail. My first payment to the Art Institute has been made. Here it is July 2nd and I have not heard anything else from the VA.

How long does this normally take?


Back on May 1st, I asked the school to submit a VA Form 22-1999 to certify my enrollment. That request was sent to the VA Coordinator, who I had also called the same day.

Today, I contacted the Assistant Director of Admissions, my Academic Advisor and Financial Aid Officer. I was told that the VA Coordinator was being contacted again.

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  1. This is your school's fault. When I used my GI bill (many times for short courses) the school was on top of things. They should have done most of the leg work for you.