Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Financial Issues/Reducing Course Load

The VA Benefits Coordinator at the Art Institute has submitted a VA Form 22-1999 as well as my course load so all of my paperwork is in order.

I called the VA to check on my application. It turns out that it is being handled by the Buffalo office. That office typically needs twelve weeks to process the initial application. They have had my paperwork for nine weeks so I have another three weeks before they will even send out my Certificate of Eligibility. Yikes! The VA also told me that it would take an additional six to eight weeks to process the claim once the application process is completed. Double yikes!

I started classes when I did because I had been assured that the whole VA process would take six to eight weeks. I could (barely) afford to make the payment when I did because of the expected government check. I cannot continue to make the, what seems to be extremely expensive, payments until my G.I. Bill payments start coming in.

As a result, I have had to reduce my course load. I will be taking Drawing during Summer Session I, Art History during Summer Session II and Color Theory during Fall Session I. This allows for a more manageable payment until the VA benefits kick in.

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