Friday, July 24, 2009

Basic Still Life

This was a time consuming assignment but one that I really enjoyed.

I set up one of my 500W hot lights so that I could get a good mix of light and shadow. I set down a sheet of paper from my huge drawing pad (18" x 24" I believe) on the corner desk and placed my items on top of that.

I started out with an HB pencil. I drew a rough horizon line. Then I added the box; this step took four or five iterations to get it right. It just did not look right. Next I added the cylinder and ball. Last I added the code.

I kept making my lines darker and darker as I refined the shapes. When I was satisfied with how they looked, I switched to a 6B and really laid some dark lines down.

At this point, it was time to start on the finished drawing. I put a blank sheet over top of the rough draft and switched back to an HB pencil. I drew the horizon line and the borders of each of my shapes. I then switched back to a 6B and darkened the lines. I started shading inside the objects and used a paper stub to blend the shading a bit. I added my shadows next. (Yes, there were multiple light sources in the room). Finally, I added my signature icon.

Basic Still Life, originally uploaded by Mr. Muskrat.

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