Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vacation Bible School

My church is having their Vacation Bible School this week and it is going to be a very hectic week. I took a vacation day yesterday so that I get some things done. I had planned on setting up my muslin backdrop and hot lights so that I could get some professional quality shots to give to the parents. The VBS director had almost three weeks notice of what I intended to do but just had to freak out the day before it started. Apparently she thinks that being director means micro-managing every aspect of it. I am not happy with the situation at all!

I have loaned out my D40, a tripod, an SB-400 flash and two lenses to another guy to use to capture candid shots of the kids and workers. He is also capturing some video for the As a compromise, I am taking photos of the children, with my D90 and an SB-600 on a flash stand with shoot-through umbrella, in front of a hand-painted backdrop that fits with the VBS theme. The photographs are acceptable but not at all up to the standards that I strive for. Have I mentioned that I am not at all happy with the situation?

I love the church as a whole but I am really having a difficult time dealing with this woman. God grant me the strength to smile to her face because even that is painful at this point.

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