Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long Week

It has been a very long week between work, vacation bible school and college. I hate to admit it but my school work suffered. I just did not have the time to spend on constructive criticism so I will be losing points again.

I still would have preferred to do the portraits right with a proper backdrop and studio lights but they turned out okay. The shots are not anything special but the kids sure were cute.

We had storms on two of the nights: Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday's storms were pretty severe with heavy rains, strong winds, a little lightning and thunder. There were even reports of tornadoes. The pastor had the teachers pull the children into the hallway for twenty or thirty minutes during the worst of the storm. I put a raincoat on my camera and tried to get a few shots but it was coming down too hard to get a good focus. Friday night's storm went to the south of us so we did not get one drop of rain. I got a few, somewhat blurry, shots of lightning. I really should have set up my camera on a tripod but I am happy that I got any at all.

Lightning "Tree"

I also got some decent shots shortly after sunset.

After Sunset

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