Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow! Did you feel that?

A little while ago I was doing some research for my English class when I felt the couch shake and heard the windows rattle a bit. At first I thought that either a) I had imagined it or b) a branch had fallen on the roof. I decided to take a shower and get dressed before heading out to survey the roof.

After my shower I decided to Google for any earthquake news. I found one in Virginia a few hours ago but the source of the information was the U.S. Geological Survey. I visited their website and found a link to Latest Earthquakes in the US which was showing a red dot over D/FW! Clicking the dot took me to a page describing a Magnitude 3.3 earthquake centered over north Arlington. The exact location is in the area, just north of the west fork of the Trinity River and across Collins St (SH 157) from the city dump, where preparations for some construction has been on-going for many months. The area is adjacent to the location of Bird's Fort (which sadly is closed to the general public).

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  1. There were three earthquakes that day all centered in the same location. The second was a 2.5M and the third was a 2.2M. We were driving at the time that the later ones occurred and did not feel them.