Wednesday, May 13, 2009

VisTablet First Impressions

The VisTablet arrived a day early and I set it up last night.

A little background on my current "work area" before I begin. I have a laptop on a Logitech Alto (notebook display riser with wireless keyboard) sitting on the coffee table. I have a wireless mouse sitting on a book on the arm of the couch. It is an odd setup but more comfortable than sitting at a desk all night (I do that all day at work).

The tablet is thin; really, really thin. I am going to need to use it at a desk because it is feels extremely flimsy when I set it on my lap (it feels like I'll break it if I put too much pressure in the middle). It has areas around the top and sides that act as soft buttons; "MacroKeys" is what the manufacturer calls them. The size is nice, it covers my lap. The working area is only 10"x6.25" though and when paired with my wide screen still seems too narrow (I end up with the pen in the MacroKeys area wondering why it isn't working). The sensitivity range is nice but doesn't appear to be as broad as the manufacturer claims but that could be due to my inexperience with the device.

The pen or stylus looks and feels like a dollar store knock-off of a high dollar fountain pen. It is made from thin plastic and is extremely lightweight. The pen only functions in writing mode; there is not an eraser sensor. Part way up the shaft is a rocker button (two-way) that seems to send the same signal no matter which end you press.

My first impression is that it is a decent digital tablet for $130. I will however be upgrading to a larger Wacom as soon as my finances allow.


A reboot of Windows Vista seems to have fixed some of the problems that I was having.

The size is not an issue now, the pointer ends up on the edge of the screen as the pen hits the tablet edge (before reaching the MacroKeys).

It also turns out that the two-way rocker button does send two different signals. The front (bottom?) portion of the button sends a right-click and the back (top?) portion sends a double-click.

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  1. If you want pressure sensitivity in Photoshop you will have to use the 32-bit version because the 64-bit drivers for the tablet do not have pressure sensitivity support.